It Feels Like Fall!

We may be a little bit late on this blog post, but going through October brought us to some cool Fall spots as a team that are open for just a bitttttt longer!  You will have to stop on in to Moelker Orchards!

We stopped into Moelker Orchards and left with so many goodies…including three bricks of their delicious fudge!  The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful.  They even let us sample!  Moelker Orchards is located just west of Grand Rapids.  It is a family owned farm.  They have been around since 1907!!!  Check out their website to read their amazing history.  (

Not only does Moelker Orchards offer apples…they have pumpkins, peaches, plums, cherries, and more depending on what time of year it is!  Their pumpkin patch is great to go to in October and their apples are delicious this fall!  They also do different events and their customer appreciation day is coming up on December 16th!  Stop in for your free donut and coffee!!!

Last, Moelker Orchards has a bakery!  It’s called the Old Bell Orchard Bakery.   They have scrumptious donuts, rich fudge, and and mouth-watering pies!!!  They even offer a fundraiser that you can do with their fudge for your school, church, or other group!  Be sure to check out Moelker Orchards in person, and online with their website and social media!

Disclaimer:  None of the following businesses are directly correlated to Regal Home Group.  We are simply highlighting great places we think you’d enjoy!

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