Making your home GREEN!

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With Earth Day (April 22nd) and Arbor Day (April 28) coming up, we thought it was the perfect time to mention a few ways on how to help our environment by making your homes more green, or environmental friendly.

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Light bulbs:  “The energy-saving potential of LED bulbs can be assessed from the fact that in 2012 around 49 million LEDs were installed in the U.S., and these accounted for savings of around $675 million in one year. By 2030, 3 out of 4 light bulbs will be using LED technology. This will reduce carbon emissions by 1,800 million metric tons. And could cut the demand for electricity by one-third.” (  Based on an article from Ben’s Bargains, “You’ll outlay roughly $140 for 40 LED bulbs initially to replace your 40 incandescent bulbs. But you’ll save roughly $300 annually in energy costs. And one LED bulb will last about 20 times longer than an incandescent.”  So, not only are you saving the environment, eventually you’ll be saving money, too!

Recycling:  If you don’t have a recycling bin at your home…it’s time to get one TODAY!  Did you know recycling in your home is the top action you can take to not only improve the environment, but also the economy?  United States recycling levels are currently at 21.4%  (EPA funded Yale University study).  Once we reach 75%, it will be the environmental and CO2 equivalent of removing 55 million cars from U.S. roads each year.  It will also generate 1.5 million new jobs in the United States. (  Items you can recycle are cardboard, paperboard, paper, plastic bottles, plastic jugs, newspapers, mail, magazines, plastic shopping bags, metal cans and foil, glass bottles and jars. (

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Shutting off water:  Did you know that you can save up to 200 gallons of water just by shutting off the sink when you brush your teeth?  Or 6 gallons per day just by shutting off the water while you scrub your hands for 20 seconds?  North Carolina State has this awesome sustainability article that will show you all the ways to save water every day in your home:

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Unplugging electronics:  Did you know that even when your appliances and electronics are off, they still “bleed energy”?  By unplugging just 10 devices you can save up to $20 a year on electricity.  Do you have a screen saver on your computer?  That could be costing you $100 a year!!!  Use a power strip to control truly shutting off multiple devices at once.  Read more here:

Energy Star:  Did you know that there is pretty much an Energy Star version of everything?  Even your DVD player can be energy efficient now!  By changing your home over to energy star appliances such as kitchen appliances, HVAC, laundry, and more, you can save the environment and save money!  Just for example, from their website, an Energy Star Washer can save you $45 a year and 3,000 gallons of water a year!!!  Read more on their website:

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